At Llansannor and Llanharry CIW Primary school we offer a broad, balanced and creative curriculum.  We promote the spiritual, moral, cultural and physical development of pupils. We aim to provide stimulating and memorable learning experiences, that develop and prepare children for their further education and adult lives. 

The Curriculum is based upon the skills based curriculum introduced by WAG in 2008 and more recently the Literacy Numeracy Framework ( LNF) introduced in 2013. The curriculum at Llansannor meets the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum for Wales. Our planning focuses on developing skills that are at the right stage for each child. The learning environments within school have been developed and enriched to support & inspire learners and encourage them to question, think and appreciate.  



At Llansannor, we use Read, Write, Inc. a highly successful phonics programme. It is designed to get all children reading and writing quickly. Click the link to find out, how you can help at home.

Literacy and Language

We have also adopted the Literacy and Language scheme. Children at Llansannor will start the scheme in Year 2. Click the Link to find out, how you can help at home.

Numeracy - Numicon

Along with the new literacy programmes, we have started to use Numicon in school. Numicon is a multi-sensory approach, that aims to raise achievement across all ability levels. 

Welsh as a Second Language

Welsh is taught to the children in exciting and stimulating ways at Llansannor. We use interactive resources, songs, games etc. to deliver language lessons to the children. Children are also given opportunities to develop their oral, written and reading skills in a more formal way. 


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