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Hello everyone and welcome to the digital leader's page. We update our webpage every week during our digital leader meetings. Here you will find activities, games, challenges and questions for you to get engaged! 

What can we do to help you?

Think about what you do in school and at home with ICT. What can we do to help you? Click on the link below to get in touch with us!

Be ICT Inspired, Be Creative!

Design our Online Safety Logo

We want you to get involved. Use ICT to create a logo that represents being safe online. The designs need to be eye catching but simplistic. The winning design will be chosen by the digital leaders and will be displayed on our website, digital leader news and posters around the school!

Click on the link below to submit your design! Designs need to be in by Monday 24th April 2017


Use ICT to create your design


Eye catching and colourful

Persuasive vocabulary

Use our online safety code

Post your ideas HERE

Our Online Safety Code

Be Safe! Be SMART!

S - Safe and Secure! Make sure your passwords are personal and you do not share information.

M – Meeting. Never meet someone you have spoken to online. 

A– Accepting. Don’t accept emails and friend request from people you don’t know. 

R – Reliable. Information you find online may not be reliable or true. Make sure you check.

T – Tell someone! Tell somebody if you are not happy or feel uncomfortable about something. 

Remember we are here to help and make you feel safe. Click here to see your safeguarding page!

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