Letter from the Headteacher

Please find attached a letter from Mrs Prosser outlining the change to current childcare provision for key workers.


Free Home Learning Packs and Courses

There is a huge array of home learning packs being released by learning organisations and resource creators, including Seneca Learning and Think You Know. Check out their free home learning packs and online courses below.


Social Distancing, Self Isolation and School Closure Guidelines

If you are struggling for ideas of what to do with your children at home or aren't sure what the differences are between social distancing and self isolation, take a look at Cardiff & Vale University Health Board's helpful guidelines.

Additionally, further information on the implications of school closures created for parents and carers can be found at the UK Government website. 


Speech and Language Link 'Parent Portal' Goes Live

For parents working at home with their children who have SLCN, please pay a visit to the newly-created Speech and Language Link Parent Portal for lots of speech and language resources, advice and tips for home working. 


Welsh Government guidance: "5 things you need to know before sending your children to school or childcare"

If you are unsure whether you should or should not send your child into school, please see Welsh Government's latest easy-to-read advice. 


NHS Direct Wales: Symptom Checker

With so much conflicting online information, it is understandable to feel confused or unsure on the next steps. Fortunately, NHS Direct Wales have published a useful symptom ​checker and guide-through of what to do and when.


Welsh Government has published a list of frequently asked questions regarding how schools will work during the coronavirus pandemic, including examinations and assessments.


This is available via this link:


(this page is currently only available in English)

Minister's Statement 20.3.20 regarding eligibility to childcare.

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