Welcome from Headteacher

Dear Parents and Carers,

On behalf of the children, staff and governors, I’d like to welcome you to Llansannor & Llanharry CiW  Primary School, known locally as the ‘Mountain School’ due to our location on the hill.

We are a school which believes in the value of every child and adult who enters our doors.  We want all those who become part of our school community, whether child or adult, to feel valued, happy and respected and to recognise their role in making our school ‘Excellent’. 

We are passionate about ensuring every child at our school accesses the best education and we are very pleased to be categorised as a 'Green A'  school under the Welsh Government’s categorisation framework.  Our aim is to help every child succeed and reach their potential in the diverse areas of school life – academic, social, personal, physical and spiritual.  

Within our school, we work very hard to create a team of teachers, non-teaching and support staff, that are dedicated  to this goal and who build strong and nurturing relationships with all children. This is our strength and many who visit us comment on the warmth of our team.  All schools have their own distinctive ‘feel’ which makes each one unique, but we believe the ‘special feel’ in our school comes from our caring and friendly atmosphere which is underpinned by our Christian values and beautiful location.


During their time at our school, we help children develop their self-confidence and individual talents through encouraging them to adopt a ‘growth’ mindset.  We teach them that hard work and effort is what counts and that failure, rather than being feared, is merely an essential part of learning.  In this way, we hope they will enjoy learning for the rest of their lives. 


Our school continues to develop in many exciting new ways, providing enriching experiences for our children who we greatly value and cherish. We want their time in our school to be as rewarding and memorable as possible and one where they will build lasting friendships.

We hope you enjoy reading this prospectus.  If you need any further information then please do not hesitate to contact myself, the school Business Manager, or visit our school website. 

Best wishes


Mrs Prosser 


© 2020 by Llansannor & Llanharry C/W Primary School