Modern Foreign Languages at Llansannor

Our Top Tips for Developing Pupils' Language Skills

  • Expose children to as much of the language as possible 

  • Get hands-on and encourage participation with games

  • Encourage activities outside the classroom

  • Teach culture alongside the language

  • Use multimedia to enhance the learning experience

We are passionate about introducing the teaching and learning of foreign language and culture into our primary curriculum.  We believe if we expose children when they are young enough, we can change attitudes, perceptions and develop language skills that will enable them to become life long learners and global citizens.  


At Llansannor school , our multilingual approach to foreign language development compliments our teaching of the Welsh language.   We ensure every child has the opportunity to learn about the language and culture of more than one country, in addition to Welsh, during their time with us.  


Our vision aligns with Welsh Government's Global Futures drive for a future generation of young linguists who will lead prosperous lives, meet interesting people and experience the excitement of travel and adventure. 

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