Welcome to Reception

Croeso and welcome back to the Spring term. I hope you had a restful and enjoyable break. 

We are really excited to start our next topic 'Will you tell me a story?' We will be learning about a range of traditional tales and using these as a stimulus for a range of activities. The children have already come up with lots of brilliant ideas of activities they would like to do and questions they would like to find out about, e.g. how did the wolf manage to disguise himself? How did the candy house stay up?

We look forward exploring these questions and lots more!

Our class page will be updated with our newsletter, topic map and any weekly homework. 

Please do not hesitate to get in contact if you have any questions or queries. 

Many thanks, 

Miss Pelech


Home learning tasks



We have been working really hard at practicing our blending CVC words in class. Can the children practice their sounding out and blending using these games?


** and *** (level can be chosen) https://www.ictgames.com/mobilePage/helpAHedgehog/index.html


We are practicing number formation as lots of numbers are still being written back to front. Can the children practice the numbers they find tricky to write?

For children that are orientating their numbers correctly, can they practice bigger numbers focusing on putting the 1 first in teen numbers. 

This website is good for helping them practice:


Here is a worksheet to help with formation:



Number formation rhymes we use in school:

Other homework

Next week our story will be Jack and the Beanstalk. Can you share the story with the children? There are good videos on Youtube if you do not have the story at home. 

You can also use these websites:




Optional Homework: 

Please find below the optional homework tasks. The children can choose to complete these at any time throughout the topic and share with the class what they have been doing at home. 


Reading Area

We will be using our Read, Write Inc programme to support Literacy, along with our Oxford Reading Tree home school reading books. We will also be running a library where the children will choose a book to take home. More information will be given on how to use this shared reading experience to enhance the children’s reading and comprehension skills

The children will start to take home Oxford reading scheme books when they are ready to do so. They will also be given high frequency words to take home. These are vital to helping the children understand the books so we ask that you spend some time helping the children learn them.

Please can you spend 10 minutes daily supporting your child read and return their books and record books to school on a daily basis.

We would also be very grateful if you could make comments in their home school reading record books as by this form of communication we can work together to achieve the best for your child.


The links below will take you to a few ebooks that you can enjoy with your child at home! Click on the pictures and don't forget to complete the activities attached! You will need to create a free account.

Please see below for our Early Years reading guide and list of set 1 high frquency words. 

Supportive Documents

Please find below some supportive documents that show you what number formation and letter formation we are using with the children.

Number formation rhymes

RWI Letter Formation Rhymes

Letter formation guide.

Useful Websites and Apps to Help at Home

Here is the link to the 'Numicon At Home' web page. 



Our new topic is 'Will you tell me a story?".  In this topic we will be focusing on traditional tales. These are the stories we are starting with:

- Red riding Hood

- Billy Goats Gruff

- Jack and the Beanstalk

Here are some of the questions the children have asked:

- How does the wolf disguise himself?

- How could you trap the wolf?

- How does the candy house stay up?

- Why does the troll live under the bridge?

- How do you grow a giant beanstalk?

We look forward to doing some investigation work to find out the answer to these questions!



Please see below for the Spring term topic map. 






 Class Information


  • Mrs Hurley and Mrs Chandler will be supporting the children's learning throughout the week.

  • We will be continuing to provide the children with fruit for snack everyday of the week. We do ask for a voluntary contribution of £1 per week to enable us to do this.  Please can you pay £7 for this half term on Parent Pay? f you are unsure how to use Parent Pay or are having problems, I will be happy to help!

  • P.E. for Reception is on Thursday afternoon. Please can they bring their kits into school to change into.

  • There are a range of lunchtime and afterschool clubs available at Llansannor. Please see Schoop for up to date information regarding available clubs.
    Our school Schoop ID code is; 17598Please send all club queries to the following e- mail address: clubsllansannor@gmail.com

Please see below for the Spring term newsletter. 



Physical Development

All children in Reception receive an hour a week of specialised P.E. teaching from Mr Smith. In this time they develop gross motor skills, gamesmanship and teamwork. The children have a daily 15 minute P.E. slot in the afternoon where they practice a different skill each day, for example ball skills, balance and spatial awareness. They also take part in the daily mile in this time.  In addition the children develop fine motor skills through a variety of classroom activities such as cutting, tweezers, playdough and peg boards.


Brawddeg Cymraeg yr Wythnos:

7 Ionawr:

Ga i fynd i’r tŷ bach os gwelwch yn dda?

13 Ionawr:

Beth sy’ yn y basged?

Here are some phrases we use will the children everyday:

Bore da (good morning)

prynhawn da (good afternoon)

hwyl fawr (goodbye)

Beth ydy hwn? (what is it?)

Pa liw ydy hwn? (what colour is it?)

Wyt ti'n hoffi...? ( do you like...?)

Ga i ... (May I have ...)

os gwelwch yn dad (please)

Beth wyt ti'n eisiau? (what do you want?)

Dewch i mewn (come in)

Dewch yma (come here)

Ble mae ...? (where is ...?)

Pawn yn barod? (everybody ready?)

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