Year 2 Homework

Welcome to the Year 2 homework page. This page will be updated every Friday with a new homework letter and activity. You can find previous homework as well. 

Termly Optional Tasks

Taste a range of different foods and write about them. How did each food Taste? Feel? Smell? And look?

Build a model piece of fruit. This can be presented in any way you like. An idea could be to sculpt the shape from a material and then paint it.

Look at the different food types. Can you create a collage food wheel?

Display each foods in different categories.

Look at the different packaging for healthy and unhealthy foods. what is similar and different? Investigate what can make food unhealthy.

Please find a copy of the 'Meet the Teacher' presentation.

Look at foods from around the world. How is each food different? Investigate what makes them special to that country. 

Cut pieces of fruit an veg in half. Look at what they look like and draw/sketch or paint them. You may even want to print with the food.

Weekly Homework

Homework Letter

Spelling Words

Letter Formation


Half Termly Games

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