Year 4 Homework

Welcome to the Year 4 homework page. This page will be updated every Friday with a new homework activity. 

Weekly Homework - Literacy / Maths

8.9.17  Please begin your optional homework tasks, if you would like to get ahead! Or perhaps, you'd like to play the rounding games on Topmarks. Try to round to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000!

15.9.17 The children brought home their homework books today with their spelling patterns and optional termly homework. Please can you focus on section one spellings this week. We have been focusing on ordering and comparing numbers within maths throughout this week. There are a range of activities and games on the following link which your child can access to practise their skills:

22.9.17 Thank you to all those children who have brought in their homework today, some of their optional tasks have been lovely to share. Many have explained how they have learnt their spellings too, thank you for your support. This week we will be focusing on section 2 spellings. For maths, we have worked hard to increase our speed and recall of x3, and for some children x6 tables. They have enjoyed playing the 'Hit The Button' game and increasing their scores. There is a link to the game below:

The children also have a times table activity in their homework books to complete.

29.9.17 Please can the children continue to practise both the set 1 and 2 spelling words as many are not completely secure with these. Many thanks. I have also given the children a maths sheet in their homework books this week which explains the method we have been exploring for adding. Please can they complete these in their books. A link is available here, if your child has misplaced their homework.  

Many thanks, Mrs Stuart

6.10.17 Please can the children move onto their section 3 of their spelling lists. Thank you. The children also have a column addition maths sheets to complete in their homework books this week to reinforce the skills we have learnt in maths lessons this week. Many thanks! I hope you have a lovely weekend, Mrs Stuart

13.10.17 Please can children explore and investigate section 4 of their spelling lists. We would also like the children to complete their first HWB homework task. Please see the attached letter for information. Thank you!



20.10.17 Please can the children predict and reinforce words from section 3 and 4 of their spellings, particularly writing the words into sentences and using them in different contexts. Thank you! I have also uploaded a copy of the subtraction homework which the children can complete this week in their yellow homework books. We have continued to strengthen calculation skills in school this week. The homework set this week reinforces column subtraction methods. Enjoy your weekend, Mrs Stuart :) 

27.10.17 Happy half term :) Please complete one of the optional tasks and go over spelling sections covered so far this term. Thank you and enjoy half term!

10.11.17 Please can the children practise section 5 of their spelling list. Practise x10 and x100 through the moving digits game Can you write some of the problems you solved in your homework book? Thank you! 

17.11.17 Please can children practise section 6 of their spelling lists. We have been learning to multiply 2 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers this week. However, they have found this difficult due to 'rusty' times tables facts! Please can you practise times table games and activities for x2, x3, x4, x5, x6 and x10. There are a variety of games on the Topmarks website and their are also a number of free apps available for children to play on the iPad. Good luck! 

24.11.17  Please can the children take part in the whole school christmas card competition homework this week. Details have come home in a letter and are available on schoop. Good luck!

1.12.17 Next week the pupils are learning to code using the following activity: Have a go at home too!

8.12.17 Please choose an activity from the gird below and learn section 7 of your spellings. Many thanks!

15.12.17 The children have brought home a science activity linked to light sources and different types of material. Please 

can they complete these and return to school on Thursday 21st December. Thank you!

12.1.18 Welcome back to the spring term! Please see our new spring term homework grid below. The children also have new spelling lists for this term. Please can the children learn their week 1 spellings this week. We are also helping to create a whole school display in our foyer, please can the children get creative and try to create a 3D castle to add to this display? Thank you! In maths, we have looked at temperature and the differences in temperature; the children may practise this skill using the following game:

19.1.18 Thank you for the castles which have been brought in, there is still time next week to bring a 3D castle in if you'd like to make one together at home. This week we have focused on data handling and analysing graphs, pictograms and tables of information. This week, please look together at how weather has changed over a year in a particular location e.g. Cardiff. You can answer questions such as Which month had the greatest amount of rainfall? Lowest temperature? How much did the temperature fall between January and July. The following link can help find information for different countries:

26.1.18 Thank you again to the fabulous castles which have been brought in, they are looking very grand in our entrance hall! Please can you move onto week 2 for spellings this week. During maths lessons this week we have studied reading different types of scales for both weight and capacity. Your child can practise these skills by using the following tools;

Another fun way is to cook at home together. We have looked at reading different scales of different intervals, finding the difference between different weights and capacities and converting g to kg and ml to l. It would be great if you could support with these at home too whilst cooking. Many thanks, Mrs Stuart. 

9.2.18 Please can the children learn week 3 spellings this week, thank you. The children are learning a new Welsh poem and French song for our Language Day. I have attached a copy of both. Please can the children practise these at home whenever they have a chance. Thank you! In maths the children have studied the grid method for multiplication. They can practise this by using dice at home. They can roll the dice to generate two or three digit numbers e.g. 45 and roll the dice again for their multiple e.g 45 x 3= and they can solve this using the grid method. Many thanks, Mrs Stuart



16.2.18 Please learn your week 4 spellings this half-term. Thank you! Keep practising your french songs and actions and the verses for the welsh poem too. This week we have explored factors, multiples and prime numbers. I have attached a worksheet to practise these at home or there are games on the following link: I have also uploaded a reading comprehension should you want an extra activity to complete over half-term. Don't forget, if you want a bit of extra fun try one of our spring term activities below or the STEM project too! Many thanks, Mrs Stuart 

2.3.17 Please see snow day homework! Many thanks

9.3.17 Please learn week 5 spellings, thank you! This week has been money and fair-trade week at school. The children have looked at money problems and have budgeted for a party. The children have been given money word problems to complete for homework. These will be in their yellow homework books or in their bags if they did not bring their books today. Many thanks, Mrs Stuart

16.3.17  Please learn week 6 spellings, thank you! Over the next two weeks we will be studying time. The children need to be able to read time to the nearest minute on both analogue and digital clocks, and be able to read time on 24 hour clocks. To help with this I have attached a range of time activities so the children can work through these at their own pace and readiness. Please click on the clock to access the activities. Many thanks, Mrs Stuart 

23.3.18 We have continued to look at time this week and we are focusing on the link between 12 and 24 hour clocks and digital time. Please can you give your children lots of opportunities to practice telling the time over the next few weeks and matching 24 hour times to analogue clock times. When they become more confident, please ask the children to find the difference between two times to help their understanding to continue to develop. The following game has a level 4 24 clock option which will also help the children to develop this skill:

Please also look at week 7 spellings. Thank you, Mrs Stuart

Easter Homework: Please complete a presentation about the Romans; any Roman topic can be researched :)

20.4.18 The children have been given their new spelling sheets, please complete week 1 of the spellings. The children have also been given their new summer homework grid (another copy is also below) which they may enjoy completing. They have also been given a copy of the Times table Rockstar letter and password to help them learn their rimes tables. Please play these games frequently. The tables will change weekly or fortnightly depending on how well your child is doing. 

27.4. 18 Please can the pupils learn week 2 spellings and continue to practise times tables on Times tables Rockstars. They children have also been given a sheet to practise halving two or three digit numbers. Further doubling and halving games can also be found here: if they would like more chances to practise! Thank you for all the Roman presentations too; we've really enjoyed hearing about what the children have found out and they have all learnt a lot of new facts and information from each other. 

3.5.17 & 10.5.17 Pupils have been asked to learn their next set of spellings and they have new times tables to learn on tIMES tables Rockstar! Thank you

17.5.18 Please move onto week 5 of your spellings and you have new Rock Star times tables to practise. Who is going to be this week's winner?! As it is a long weekend, due to INSET, please feel free to also complete one of our optional Roman activities below. Thank you. 

25.5.18 Happy Half term! The children have worked so hard this half term and we are very proud of them all! Please enjoy any good weather we have :) I have also updated times table rockstars if you would like a new maths challenge. Also, if you would like to complete other activities, I have discussed with the children how they could make their own volcanoes or volcano art work. Alternatively, they could design or create their own Roman shields or piece of Roman Architecture.Please be as creative as you would like to be! Thank you. 

June and July homework 

Each week Times Table Rockstars will be updated with new activities.

Please also complete the spelling lists given for this term.

We have also started our summer term reading challenge; where every pupil is aiming to read two books by their favourite author by the end of this term. We are aiming for an end of term treat of a cinema morning and sports afternoon as a reward for our reading challenge. Good luck! 

Half Termly Homework - Optional Topic Linked Homework Tasks

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